Elliott Moody

All alone. Hanging on the edge. Hanging in emptiness. I feel like I might fall, but somehow, I don’t. I just stay right on the edge, like I’m not in control.

I look up, I look down, there is nothing at all. I feel so empty. To my right there is nothing. Nothing at all. I look out into the distance, as far as I can. But there really is nothing. It’s complete emptiness. Like nothing has ever been there. I’m the only one, all on my own.

To my left are all my friends. Some are bold, some are oblique. They’ve left me to be together. Some are small, some are pretty tall. Some even look like they’re standing in a long line. Some of them are wide, some have long legs. Some are identical. Some are quite round, while others are quite slim.

I look straight. I look up. I look down. I can see them but I can’t reach them. Some are so far away, but some are so close to me. But they’re not interested. They’re not even looking at me. Why don’t they want to be with me? What have I done wrong?

I’m stuck in the same spot, I can’t move at all. Not even an inch. I would do anything to be back with my friends. How did I get here? It can’t have been me, because I’m not in control.

Will I be here forever? Or will someone save me?

Elliott Moody
The Brand Identity

Elliott Moody is the Founder of The Brand Identity, an independent graphic design resource with a global reach, showcasing the best projects, companies and products relevant to the industry.

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